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We pride ourselves on providing a full range of products for your business needs.

A recipe for success is to find the right supplier.


"The more colourful the food the better!"
We vigorously check all of our vegetables to ensure the freshness and the highest standard quality.

Beansprout4 kg
Mushroom2.5 kg
Spring Onion14 bunch
Carrot10 kg
Onion20 kg
Long Red Chilli3 kg
Thai Red Chilli1.5 kg
Babycorn 12 X 80g
Iceburg Lettuce8-10 pcs
Chinese Leaf7 - 8 pcs
Large white Cabbage10 kg
Lemongrass1.2 kg
Aubergine5 kg
Potato20 kg
Baker Potato10 kg
Red Pepper4.5 kg
Green Pepper4.5 kg
Garlic4 kg
Galanga1.2 kg
Ginger1 kg
Krachai1.5 kg
Lime54 pcs
Lemon25 pcs
Cherry Tomato9 Punnets
Tomato5 kg
Fine Bean1.5 kg
Broccoli4.5 - 5 kg
Mangtout1.5 kg
Holly Basil100 g
Sweet Basil100 g
Mint 100 g
Kow Choi100 g
Pandan Leaf200 g
Banana Leaf 1.2 kg
Parsley Bunch
CucumberSize 12
Un Choi200 g
Green Pak Choi8 kg
Green Pak Choi1 kg
White Pak Choi6 kg
White Pak Choi1 kg
Peppercorn1.2 kg
White Aubergine1.2 kg
Frozen Lime Leaf300 g
Red Onion5 kg
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Seafood is not the synonym of expensive. We work very hard to keep the prices competitive without compromising the quality. 

Chinese Squid Tube10 x 1 kg
Taiwanese Squid Tub10 x 1 kg
6/8 Prawn6 x 700 g
26/30 Prawn Shell on6 x 900 g
26/30 Prawn Shell off6 x 900 g
21/25 Prwan Shell on6 x 900 g
21/25 Prawn Shell off6 x 900 g
100/200 Shrimp30 x 220g
200/300 Shrimp30 x 220g
Prawn Paste2 x 2 kg
Half Shell Mussels12 x 800 g
20/30 Dried Scallop1 kg
Soft Shell Crab-
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If good quality meat is key to your recipe, leave it to us to source the best for you. We work closely with our suppliers to meet your requirements.

Fresh Chicken Breast10 kg
Fresh Cap off Topside BeefSell by - kg
Fresh Pork loinSell by - kg
Frozen Brazillian Chicken Breast15 kg
Frozen Superpolo Unsalted Chicken Breast10 kg
Frozen 80% Chicken Breast10 kg
Frozen Chicken Bone10 kg
Frozen Meaty Pork Spareribs10 kg
Frozen Standard Pork Spareribs10 kg
Frozen Roasted Duck Boneless10 kg
Frozen 3 Joint Chicken Wing10 kg
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"The key to a good meal is simplicity and the right seasoning."
We understand how important it is for you to have the right ingredients for your business. Because of that, we have put together a great selection of dry goods for your kitchen needs. 

3mm Rice Stick30x 375 g
5mm Rice Stick30x 375 g
Wai Wai Vermicelli Noodle24 x 500 g
Lucky Boat no.1 noodles9 kg
Lucky Boat no. 2 noodles7.7 kg
Jasmine Rice20 kg
Glutinous Rice10 kg
Long Grain Rice20 kg
White Sugar20 kg
Green Dragon Self Raising Flour10 x 1.5 kg
Bamboo Shoot Slice6 x 3 kg
Bamboo Shoot Shreded6 x 3 kg
Sesame Seed2 kg
Peanut without Skin1 kg
Cashew Nut10 kg
Fried Garlic1 kg
Fried Shallot1 kg
Panda Oyster Sauce6 x 3 kg
PRB Light Soya Sauce8 ltr
LKK Light Soya Sauce8 ltr
Light Soy Sauce12 x 700 ml
Seasoning Sauce12 x 600 ml
Palm Sugar500 g
Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce12 x 730 ml
Manora Prawn Cracker20 x 500 g
Tamarind Concentrate24 x 454 g
Tamarind Paste Seedless200 g
Fish Sauce Squid Brand12 x 725 g
Aroy D coconut Milk Small24 x 400ml
Aroy D Coconut Milk Large6 x 2.9 kg
Chao Koh Coconut Milk Small24 x 400 ml
Chao Koh Coconut Milk Large6 x 2.9 kg
Knorr Chicken Powder1 kg
Shrimp Paste200 g
Mae Ploy - Green Chili Paste1 kg
Mae Ploy - Red Chilli Paste1 kg
Mae Ploy - Masaman Chilli Paste1 kg
Mae Ploy - Chilli Paste in Oil1 kg
Mae Ploy - Panang Chilli Paste1 kg
Mae Ploy - Tom Yum Paste1 kg
Nittaya - Red Chilli Paste1 kg
Nittaya - Green Chilli Paste1 kg
Nittaya - Masaman Chilli Paste1 kg
Nittaya - Panang Chilli Paste1 kg
Nittaya - Chilli Paste in Oil1 kg
Nittaya - Chili Powder1 kg
Nittaya - Small Dried Whole Chilli1 kg
Nittaya - Ketchup2 x 5 ltr
Nittaya - White Vinegar5 ltr
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Our versatility allows us to provide other food-related products to suit your business needs.

Frozen - TYJ Spring Roll Pastry 8"40 packs
Frozen - TYJ Spring Roll Pastry 10"30 packs
500 ml Plastic Container250 x 500 ml
650 ml Plastic Container250 x 500 ml
6A Foil Container500 pcs
6A Lids500 pcs
No. 2 Foil Container1000 pcs
No. 2 Lids1000 pcs
2oz Sauce Cup with Lids1000 pcs
4oz Dart Cup1000 pcs
4oz Lids1000 pcs
Small Tofu800 g
Large Tofu5 kg
Fried Tofu1 kg
Medium Egg360 pcs
Large Egg360 pcs
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